Life Cycle Financial Fitness provides financial education to clients throughout their life cycle and empowers them to feel more confident while making financial decisions.

Premarital Financial Counseling

Build a solid foundation for a life-long marriage and prevent disagreements over money by discussing financial issues before you walk down the isle. This is a wonderful engagement or wedding gift.

Reviewing & Explaining
Prenup Agreements

The spouse signing the prenup needs to understand the financial implications of the proposed agreement. I explain the financial issues of the proposed agreement so both parties understand the short- and long-term impact.

Marital Financial Counseling


Research tells us most arguments during marriage are about money. These frequently occur because spouses do not have the same level of understanding regarding financial topics. I explain financial concepts and address specific concerns so both spouses understand the numbers and can work together to reach their financial goals.

Family planning


How will having a child impact your expenses now and as they get older? Why are FICO scores important? How can I reduce expenses and save more? How much should we be saving for college? How much money do I need to retire? I address these and many other questions and provide financial insights, guidance and resources.

Divorce Financial Planning

Financial fears are common during our lifetime and intensify during divorce. Is this settlement fair and what about tax consequences? How much can I afford to pay in alimony and child support? What amount of alimony do I need? Can I afford to keep the house? I address these and many other questions as I help clients get a financially smart divorce.
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Financial Counseling


After the dust settles, single mothers and fathers need to understand their new financial reality. I help clients  reduce expenses, improve their credit score, pay off debts and many other important financial tasks.

After Death of a Spouse
Financial Counseling


If the deceased spouse took care of the finances, the remaining spouse will likely feel overwhelmed. Do they have children to help them tackle the piles of financial statements and bills? If not, I can help them get their financial house in order and educate them about financial tasks they have not previously performed.

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